1. What is #Bso7?
The #Bso7 is a Community focused on creating awareness for, and supporting others within the community
2. But what does #BSo7 actually mean?
The “BS” part is short for Broadcasters Salute, where the “o7” combination implies salute.
3. What is this Salute you speak of?
The Broadcasters Salute was the humble beginnings of the #BSo7. It was created as way to respectfully allow self advertising in a given channel. Each caster can call for a Salute in the channel, whereby other broadcasters can use "o7" combination in chat, to signify, at that moment, that they are broadcasters. By doing so, it creates awareness for themselves and they are encouraged to follow each other, for future support.
4. So being a #BSo7 Broadcaster requires me to conduct Salute's in my channel?
Nope. You are encouraged to support others in the community, but you decide what that support is; Raids-Hosts-Follows-Viewing-Saluting-Twitter-Discord.
5. Can I announce that "I" am a broadcaster in any #BSo7 Stream?
No, unsolicited self advertisement is not allowed. Please Refer to Item 1 & 2 in the (Rules) #bso7_guidelines section.
6. How do I join the #BSo7?
The #BSo7 Community is open to everyone, there is no application to fill out, and no permission is needed to join. Simply follow Items 1-12 in the (Rules) #bso7_guidelines
7. How do I become a Moderator for the Discord?
If you are already a Channel Mod for one of the #BSo7 Ambassador's channels, and are interested in being a Mod here, feel free to reach out to them.
8. How do I become a #BSo7 Ambassador?
New Ambassadors will be voted in periodically, based on their support and advocacy of this Community.
9. What is the link to this Discord?
10. Can I modify the BSo7 Logo to suit my channel?
You may NOT modify the actual design of the art. However, you MAY make colorization changes to suit you channel colors/theme. You may NOT monetize or be charged for the colorization of the BSo7 Logo. I’d recommend asking B1g4ndT4sty, as he has done so many already, for free! Colorized assets belong to Jax_Macky/BSo7 and will be shared in the #assets channel for all to use.
11. Can I post links to my Tip page, PayPal, GoFundMe, Kickstarter, or the like?
No. The BSo7 Community focus of support, does not include individual monetary gains.
12. What is the BSo7’s stand on Charities?
The BSo7 itself, does not currently support any charities. Open discussion about charities, is ok, as long as it is on topic. Direct links to charities, or charity events, yours or not are not allowed. Announcing your charity support in #bso7-live-shoutouts messages are ok.