BSo7 Rules & Guidelines

**As a Viewer**
1. Read & Respect each individual (BSo7) Broadcaster's Rules and/or Guidelines. If unsure, ask the particular broadcaster about them, and their #BSo7 Declaration (See Item 10 Below). Failing to follow individual Broadcasters Rules & Guidelines can/will result in Individual Channel Bans, as well as privileges being revoked in the BSo7 Community.
2. Do **NOT** use the BSo7 as permission to Self Promote, or Self Advertise in others channels. See Rule #1
3. When visiting other #BSo7 Broadcasters, let them know why you're there! --Example: “I stopped in to offer some #BSo7 support!” --Example: “Do you have a !ctt to shout out your stream on Twitter?”
**As a Broadcaster**
4. Stream any Game or Category; Games, Creative, IRL, ect. Absolutely NO IRL Driving/Broadcasting Streams Allowed.
5. Add #BSo7 to your Streams Title; It allows you to be a part of the Website. This also creates more awareness for the BSo7 Community, as a whole.
6. Add #BSo7 to your Streams Title; It is *Required* to post your "Go Lives" in the Discord's #bso7-live-shoutouts channel.
7. Add #BSo7 to your Twitter “Go Lives” & Raid/Host Passing Tweets; This creates more Twitter Awareness, for you, and the Community. Use ONLY in your Go Live Tweets.
8. Support the Community Website by sharing ; By including it in your Tweets, you're creating more awareness for the Community, to helping generate more traffic.
9. Add #BSo7 (capital B, capital S, little o, 7) in your Go Live Tweets; This creates Twitter awareness for yourself and the community. Use ONLY in your Go Live Tweets.
10. **#BSo7 Declaration**: Please have a Bot Command or Statement prepared, stating your channels policy, regarding #BSo7 chatter during your live broadcast. --Example: "I fully support the #BSo7, but please do not talk about your stream or channel here, without being asked to." --Example: "I support the #BSo7 by Raid/Hosting and Viewing others in the community, and occasionally I'll do a Salute, but I would prefer if you would not talk about your channel here." --Example: "I love the #BSo7 Community! I am OK with you saying your a caster, or perhaps asking for Streamer Tips. But let’s not make THAT a focal point, and help keep other conversation flowing." --This will help keep your viewers informed of your policy, and help prevent disrespect associated with unsolicited self-advertisement. See Item #1
11. Support other #BSo7 Broadcasters – This is Required, after all, the #BSo7 is about Broadcasters Supporting Broadcasters. Giving Support means Getting Support. --Viewing – Following - Chatting --Raid – Hosting --Tweeting – ReTweeting – “ClickToTweets” --Positive Encouragement
**Lurk/DeLurk Etiquette**
12. Lurk/Delurk Etiquette: As a general rule of thumb, not delurking people is generally a good practice on ALL of Twitch, and is not specific to BSo7. Never feel that you have to answer to being called out of lurk. If you are called out of lurk, and do not wish to be delurked, you don't need to respond. Whether you're busy or just don't feel like chatting, never feel obligated to respond to a delurk.
**Channel Ban Appeal & Mediation**
13. While we don’t take Channel Ban Appeals, we might consider Mediation on a individual bases. Please see Rules 1,2 & 10
**Community Game Servers**
14. Read & Respect each individual Game Server’s Rules and/or Guidelines. If unsure, ask the particular Admin about their specific ruleset. --Failing to follow individual Game Server’s Rules & Guidelines can/will result in Individual Bans from said servers, as well as possible privileges being revoked within the BSo7 Community.